CELTIC fans are looking for some direction from the club as soon as possible when it comes to how tickets are dealt with between this season and next.

We wrote earlier today, the club cannot continue to keep silent on season ticket matters.

While there’s ambiguity in how the season will pan out, the supporters deserve clarity and peace of mind.

There’re two big issues;

The Season ticket renewal campaign is still ongoing even though many who would be renewing are now in financial hardship through no fault of their own. Will the club make provisions so these fans every chance to renew?

What happens if this season isn’t finished with regards to supporters being offered an alternative to not being able to attend these games.

A Celtic supporter floated the idea of a goodwill gesture such as superstore credit or the chance for supporters to donate money to the foundation.

Celtic SLO John Paul Taylor has revealed all these things are currently on the table but nothing has been decided yet.


  1. If Celtic opted for in store it would have to be 60% of before fans could recoup losses of, the best result for fans is £ 125 from season tickets as all fans don’t buy in store . there should be a drive from supporters trust of season tickets bought through them, so they can approach Celtic for a 5-10 % to wards the trust each year from profits from player sales and general club profits as jock said football without fans ain’t good


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