As Scott Brown continues to headline every newspaper, radio show, blog and TV sporting programme another halfwit has had to have his say on the matter. An expert gardener, Ally McCoist who “walked away” from his Rangers managers role in 2014 is the latest person to drop his bit of wisdom to a never-ending saga.

Speaking on what most Celtic fans want on BT sports the pundit said:

“Most Celtic fans don’t agree with what he did,” on Scott Brown celebrating the final whistle after he captained Celtic to another win over McCoist’s team.

He babbled on:

“Of course they [Celtic] should defend their captain, but for John Kennedy to come out and say his behaviour was first class? First class behaviour from a Celtic captain?

“Listen, you need to qualify it: Morelos, idiot. Ryan Kent, idiot. Andy Halliday getting involved is as daft as it can come. “But is that first class behaviour for a Celtic captain?”

Nobody needs to qualify anything from a Celtic perspective, Celtic and their captain broke no rules of the game. Nobody cares if an ex-Rangers manager/player wants to “class” the Celtic captain’s reaction.


  1. Now that new rules have been uncovered 200 we will now have every cunt and there dog in the rag tops telling us Scott Brown did nothing wrong, our lawyer should take about 1.5 million from the SFA as compensation for defamation of character and victimisation , with no just cause, there also seems to be outside influence used here and that needs to be brought too book

  2. Nae class fuck off it was absoloute class beating they scum bags and their going on a out broo y getting charged for celebrating let’s not forget that big odsonne was also booked for celebrating and that was infront of his own fans 🤔🤔🤔 but its going to be I teresting to see just how many players will be charged with that offence absolute fuckin joke hail hail


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