Ally McCoist has called on the end to pettiness with regards to Chris Sutton being banned from Ibrox. However, he wasn’t about to just go after his former employers, McCoist brought in other bans which are in place.

McCoist cites Andy Walker’s ban at Celtic Park and Kris Boyd’s at Dundee as other examples of pettiness.

Both scenarios are completely different from Chris Sutton’s ban at Ibrox.

Andy Walker was told he wasn’t welcome at Celtic Park after making up lies about the Dubai trip and what the club got up to while they were over there. For the record – I don’t think Walker should be banned, but it was for a pertinent reason.

Boyd was banned from Dundee because of his vendetta against Leigh Griffiths and his contempt for mental health despite helping to run a mental health charity.

“In all seriousness guys, Chris banned from Ibrox, Andy Walker banned from Celtic Park, Kris Boyd banned from Dundee. The only thing that surprised me is the email arrived on time to ban Kris Boyd.” McCoist told BT Sports Xtra.

“But in all seriousness, can we stop the pettiness and just get on with the football and let people into games. I’ve got it off my chest.”

Chris Sutton has been banned from Ibrox because he’s an ex-Celtic player, and they don’t like his opinions. The BT Pundit hasn’t lied about the club and has never personally gone after anybody associated with the Ibrox side. THAT is pettiness and Ally gets that right.

We’re just not having the false equivalency to try and make the Ibrox club look better.


  1. Sally got a cheek saying theirs lies about his club thats the same guy who stole a wage off the new club saying he’s took a wage cut plus he cheated with the old club and he knew about the ebt sideletters he’s a dirty lying scumhun bastard sally.

  2. The ex-gardener is forgetting that Lenny’s safety couldn’t be guaranteed at Liebrox alongside big Chris a little while back.Horrible old club,horrible new club ‘followed’ by most of the same dregs of society…

  3. This is just sh+t ! .McCoist like him or not is spot on here . Its time all this nonsense ( and it is ) was put to bed . The writer talks about pettiness and does nothing else but spout it in this piece .

  4. Fat Sally is one of the Ibrox Pude. A F@nny of the first order.

    As their TIFO says They are ” The Pude of Glasgow”

    F@nnies to a man and their manager is a Giof@nny.


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