If you’re a superstitious person or even followed football since the 90s, you will know there is a certain amount of stock in omens in our game.

When fans are bereft of ideas as to what’s happening with their team, they can look at things they might not usually do.

However, if you’re a Celtic fan and you’ve had the misfortune of watching Celtic in their luminous third kit this season, even if you aren’t superstitious, it’s likely to give you ‘the fear’ a little bit.

Celtic were shocking at Easter Road as they dropped all three points in Edinburgh and Celtic fans are quickly putting the luminous yellow kit and failure together.

Everytime Celtic wear it, they seem to either struggle for a result or just lose.

Of course, a kit should have no bearing on how a team plays but tell that to Manchester United back in the 90s when they famously stopped wearing the grey kit they played in because they believed it to be bad luck.

If the fans link this kit to failure, maybe the players do…

I say we burn it! It would be cathartic if nothing else.


  1. No jinx shi7e. The Celtic players had a rest day upset by an away game against a team who played as a unit. And the auld nutneg of score early, hold on by attacking, until halftime. Score once the second half has begun. Sit back and watch Celtic knock it long and intercept all crosses into the box. Well done Hibs. But mostly Neil Lennon and co for doing their preparation.

  2. Jinx,i will tell you this there are players that do not want to play with some players you can see that,BR now needs to clear out the older players and the dead wood fast,all we need is 2 keepers and a young lad at the back any 4 from 6 and a young lad midfield same any 4 from 6 and a young lad up front any 1 or 2 from 3
    And that is top wages paid to 17 players none are loans and 3 young home grown players now that is 20 players and we can add 2 loan players 22 players that will be able to play for wins home and away in any game anywhere the time is now to clear all that crap out this window…

  3. Nothing to do with the strip its the players some of them are shitebags and not got the bottle Sinclair tcham jozo as for eddy he’s never in the box we play with one striker who is always missing 9 million my arse.


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