It’s hard to direct your anger if you support the team that plays out of Ibrox these days.

So much to get angry about, especially when the media and your players have whipped you up into a frenzy all week about winning the game and winning the title.

The post below is a direct result of this.

Roy has a major problem with Leigh Griffiths waving a tri-colour at Ibrox and accused the injured striker of treason.

Leigh took in the game from the Broomloan stand and happily waved the tri colour to the delight of the visiting support.

It’s certainly an inventive way of trying to deflect for your young clubs failings.

Roy you legend!


  1. Go GRIFFO. I heard from my Da, that in the far distant past (late 60’s) William and son had to play a team fae Eire. And with a European gentemans agreement in place, that you have to fly that nations flag on both stands as a welcome.The orc’s at the death star, refused and they couldn’t source one in their flag collection ( They only had the Oinion jack and butchers apron)💩💩
    # William, William, it was really nothing. It was your fate# As Stephen Morrisey used to sing when he was in the Smiths.

  2. Does the writer feel as upset when the English flag is displayed at their matches and individual supporters are wearing English strips?

  3. They do have short memories not so long ago a partick thistle supporter was assaulted for waving a flag of his birth place YES THATS RIGHT A SCOTTISH FLAG 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 HH

  4. Why all the foreign union jacks at ibrox? Even the English have dumped the butchers apron. They prefer their St.George’s cross.
    Why do they at ibrox claim to love an English/German queen yet dodged paying her taxman Hector?
    Why do they support England running Scotland?
    I could easily go on and on…..
    Poor cream buns…..very easily upset….at anything.
    Well done Griff.

  5. Go Griff, go!! Magic to see the current buns foaming at the mouth over a flag. You can stick your butchers apron! Hail Hail!

  6. This is the same mob who run about with Engurland Tops on..This is the same mob who sing about a German Queen and to top it all they cheated her out off Millions..Ye True Scots Rite enuf …..🇮🇪🏆🏆🏆🇮🇪


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