A FacTheBill representative has given their outlook on the damning investigation into the Celtic Park crush earlier in the season when fans were genuinely and seriously put at risk as a result of poor planning by Police Scotland.

FTB who help fight the corner of fans poorly treated by the Police home or abroad were dismayed by the accounts of Celtic fans who had told how the Police were not understanding the severity of what was going on around them at the time of the incident. Crushing began as a gate was closed and many fans had to be pulled up to higher ground in order to escape this.

We at CeltsAreHere have no doubt there were no serious casualties because of mindful Celtic fans helping each other out while the police seemed to freeze.

Here is a FACKTHEBILL Rep speaking on behalf of the organisation after Celtic’s independent report was published.

“The report confirms the timeline given by supporters, the crowd stopped moving at 11:39 which Celtic and now Police Scotland acknowledge,” they told Clyde One.

“Why is it then that Police Scotland claimed in the immediate aftermath that the build-up didn’t start ’til 11:50. This question needs to seriously get put to them. It seems clear to us that this was an attempt by them to deliberately insinuate that the buildup occurred because lots of fans turned up late to the game rather than as a result of poor planning on the Police’s part.”

“The report also confirms fans reporting police for being dismissive of the severity of the problem. The fans were utterly dismayed by the behaviour of the police which fell below the standard ordinary people would expect from the police.

“This speaks to the issue that we repeatedly raided; Police Scotland were hostile to supporters who were seeking help simply because they view all fans as potential criminals.”

New measures have been put in place for this coming Sunday’s match against The Rangers with the Ibrox fans having to enter the stadium early so the home fans can get in without any problems.


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