BRADLEY Wallace will be sentenced later this month after being found guilty of spitting on a priest during a sectarian-fueled Orange Walk in Glasgow.

The abhorrent parade which is still allowed to proceed in this day and age promotes intolerance and sectarianism under the guise of culture and the court proceedings against the offender Wallace only further this assertion.

The congregation were filtering out when the orange walk was going by the chapel; this led to the congregation being subjected to vile sectarian abuse; chanting ‘Fenian B**stard’ and ‘Paedophiles’ among other things before the priest was spat on by Wallace who was taking in the hate-filled parade.

Bradley Wallace, 24 was found guilty of assaulting Father Thomas at St Alphonsus church after his DNA was matched to the saliva on the priest’s garment.

Sheriff Andrew Cubie told him “I want you to be under no illusion at all, spitting is disgusting and cowardly and this was done in the context of a sectarian atmosphere which is an embarrassment to the West of Scotland.” PlanetRadio reported.

This archaic walk is nothing but a blight on this country as we all try to move forward. Incident’s like this are not one-offs and many Catholic’s or just people wearing green and white colours down the years have been subjected to the vilest of abuse and assault when they have the misfortune of finding themselves in town during an Orange walk.

Wallace has been pictured holding up a ‘Bridgeton Loyal’ banner on his facebook page so be under no illusion what football club he uses as a vehicle for his hate.



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