It is 20 years to the day Celtic stopped the ten and began their own journey back to the top of Scottish football where they proudly remain today.

That day, a Wim Jansen managed Celtic side held their nerve against St Johnstone to give Celtic their first league title since the 88 centenary season.

All those years of pain were wiped out in an instant as the Celtic fans soaked it all in.

A pitch invasion, title celebrations and oh aye, Smell the glove!

The commentary on the day still sends shivers up the spide:

‘Scarves, banners, jerseys, green and white hoops raised in triumph. It may not have been a vintage championship but believe me it will taste as sweet to these Celtic supporters as any they have ever secured because they have stopped Rangers from taking away the history book record of ten in a row. And perhaps the best tribute should be paid by simply listening for a few seconds to the Celtic fans singing their beloved anthem.” as the Celtic fans belted out You’ll Never Walk Alone.’


  1. LEVEIN is a twisted, bitter bigot, and just can not help himself from hating Celtic and every thing that is Celtic. Go and play tic on the Edinburgh by-pass you poor poor reprobate! Hail Hail.

  2. Mr Jamboree,He is an embarrassment to Scottish Football just like that other lot.All mouth and he cant take defeat gracefully.Mustve thought Hearts were going to turn us over,Again.They should be keeping there gubs shut and letting there teams do there talking on the park.Anyhoo HH n Awrat


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