A reporter for L’equipe in France who has been on top of the Dembele story the last few days is now reporting that the deal is almost finalised.

Moussa let himself down big time over the past 24 hours with social media petulance and acting like a sulking teenager at training.

Dembele wanted to go and has done everything to make sure that his move was pushed through.

While Celtic and Brendan Rodgers wanted to keep the player until at least January it looks more likely that Frenchman has got his wish and will quadruple his wages at Lyon.

Celtic fans were accepting them at Moussa wouldn’t be around forever but his antics have left a bad taste in the mouth of many and it will be a while before fans can properly reminisce about his time at the club if he leaves this evening.

Deadline is midnight tonight.


  1. Hopefully that is the case, no point in prolonging this ,let’s get back to normality,don’t need disruption, let’s concentrate on what we are good at, winning games,we have many a challenge coming up, and need all the concentration aimed at that,hh.

  2. Sad it from the start.All about the money. He won’t leave without a replacement. Yeah right. Price was met and if he went. And there will be no other striker coming in now.

  3. If Moussa leaves the Hoops for better, money, conditions, lovers, weather. Good luck to him I say. He’s still Young and has his future in front of him. I respect his decision, were the move is bogus or not.As long as most of the money from the move goes into St Brendans cashflo fir player. Isn’t that one of the reason he gave for leaving Fulham to move to Celtic. He is not KT who I respect too. Maybe he will not be the last to move, but certain not the first.
    So get off the blokes back. Boo hoo hoo. The Hoops will lose yet one more player for better conditions of contract. I respect King Kenny and Henke too, although their decisions were quite similar.

  4. Take the money and start again. Once he’s decided he’s going get rid. Rodgers came close to ruining Griffiths while he pandered to Dembele. If he has a hamstring problem then he’s a liability. If anyone is willing to buy him then take the money. We should do the same with Boyata too. Once they’ve soiled the hoops then theyve no place at Parkhead never mind the team.

  5. Now that was a good deal,we have not got much of a chance to hold on to our players when mega rich clubs come calling but we can fight for the best deal we can get,and i think we got a great deal,but lets face it only when Scottish football can get top tv deals will we ever be able to hold on to our own players but we can get a new face in to replace Moussa who thought he was bigger than the club.


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