ANDREW GUTMAN is the ultimate project Celtic took on in January when they plucked a top Collegiate footballer from America and handed him a contract. Baring in mind, Andrew had played no professional football to that point, he was loaned out to Charlotte Independence where he cut his teeth at a professional level.

The left-back was signed for his potential, however, a bit older than your usual player signed to develop. Andrew signed on the dotted line for Celtic at 22, with the club knowing full well he would be unable to get a full work permit to join the team and play football in Glasgow straight away.

It’s a slow build, but it’s a move that could be set to pay off in January 2021. Yes, a whole year away but Charlie Hatch who writes for his current loan side FC Cincinnati has shed some light on Gutman’s current loan situation.

Writing for, the reporter revealed Andrew is scheduled to return to the club for pre-season after the new year and will play the entire 2020 MLS season with the club. The MLS season will run from February to October in 2020 with clubs getting to the play-offs finishing their fixtures in November.

At this point Celtic are hoping Andrew has a couple of caps to his name and can gain a work permit to begin his Celtic career properly.

The US national team call-up for Andrew is highly probable as his stock continues to rise in the American game. He played 10 games for Cincinnati since moving in the summer and Charlie Hatch has made the claim he’s been one of the teams best players.

Categorising him as a left-back who likes to get forward but can also put in a tackle when needed – it’s exactly the type of defender Neil Lennon loves.

Speaking at the end of the MLS season this term, Gutman who is now in Glasgow spoke about his ambitions.

“It’s been good,” Gutman said of his current loan. “It was a big step in my career, obviously. I played in the USL and did well there, then went back (to Celtic) and did well in preseason there. Coming here was a good opportunity for me to get games at a high level, and I think I’ve done pretty well so far.”
“They’re in season, but they have such a big squad, so the guys that aren’t rostered for games will have training sessions,” Gutman said of his training with Celtic. “I’ll have a good stint of training over there with them just to get back in front of their faces and so them my qualities again.”