Andy Halliday is a firm Celtic fan favourite after he became somewhat of a cult figure playing for the team across the city. Now a free agent, he has been doing the rounds with the Scottish media.

Speaking to OpenGoal, Halliday confirmed many Celtic supporters suspicions that the penalty kick in the Cup Final was a result of Alfredo taking the ball himself as he was not the usual spot-kick taker.

Andy was asked by Simon Ferry if he wanted Alfredo to take the penalty, his reply was maybe too honest:

“No, if I’m honest, no.

“See the thing is with Alfredo? I’d go as far to say he’s a poor finisher, but he’s an UNBELIEVABLE goalscorer.

“He’s one of those who you’d watch in game and training and he’d scaff everything into the bottom corner and you’d think that was ugly as anything, but it just goes in all the time!”

As we know, Alfredo missed the penalty and even with still time on the clock and Celtic down to ten men, they held on for a famous League Cup win. Had it been their usual penalty taker, James Tavernier, there’s a good chance the game would have finished differently.

Had they converted that chance with Celtic down to ten men, there would surely have been no way back for Celtic. As it transpired, the fact we have wound the player up about not scoring against us has worked for us.



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