SKY SPORTS commentator Andy Walker branded Scott Brown pathetic after the player reacted to being kicked by Motherwell player Cédric Kipré.

The two players had an exchange with Brown pushing Kipré then the Motherwell star lashing out kicking Scott Brown.

The player was subsequently sent off for it – looking at the incident it’s a harsh decision but to brand the Celtic captain pathetic for reacting to studs coming into the back of his leg is absolutely ridiculous.

Nothing much was made of Jozo’s red card last week against Morelos but if you want to look at a player reacting to a situation then watch Morelos realise his opportunity to hit the deck and then doing so.

The commentator then? Andy Walker who didn’t feel that it was at all pathetic.

This is from a man who actively condones players going down in the box to force the referee to make a decision.

There’s only one pathetic player who has worn The Hoops here and it ain’t Scott Brown.


  1. Every player was quite pathetic to be honest. But the manager needs to be slaughtered for an inept performance. If he takes the plaudits when it goes well then when he puts in a days work like that he deserves to be criticised. What the hell is he doing first of all selecting an absolute dud like Boyata to embarrass and humiliate the club. And then his substitutions? Sinclair and Armstrong are a couple of one season wonders who will be playing in the Championship in England if they are lucky next season. If there is a more one dimensional player in world football than that clown Sinclair then I haven’t seem him. He makes Kris Boyd look imaginative. Why is he still in the squad? How much time was he expecting to get with his chance. Mr Rodgers signed Musonda to deflect from the complete mismanagement of not signing defenders that could play for 4 transfer windows by signing a 30 grand a week show pony who he now elects not to play. Send the boy back to Chelsea and buy a defender. But the whole point of Musonda was to fool the thick supporters who accept any thing the sainted Brendan does. But performances like today and I am talking about his as a manager are why he can’t get a big job in England. Last week he got it spot on but what game was he watching today sending on Armstrong and Sinclair who have both chucked it at Celtic is poor.

    • The zombie horde still hurting from last weeks result methinks,away back to the wallow wallow blogs,troll.
      That being said,TRUE Celtic fans know we weren’t at our best today,as we haven’t been for most of the season to be honest.Motherwell have to be given a lot of credit for their performance today especially after the sending off of Kipre,and considering their recent poor form.But to lambast our the players who gave us an invincible and historic treble last year,and who are going for a historic back to back treble,as much as john and others who actually DO support the club need to get a grip or get tae f**k.Musonda will eventually grace the team over his 18 month loan .the BOY as you call him is going to be a superstar,yes we will lose him in 18 months time but hopefully our own young Karamoke Dembele will have matured physically enough to break into the Celtic first team squad as he is going to be a phenonemum that terrorises the SPFL and Euro teams we face,for as long as we can hold on to him that is.Sinclair,who has already shown his quality,will like Armstrong come good again,they don’t become bad players overnight.And to call your fellow supporters “thick” was the clincher for me,Johnny boy’s a hurting,festering zombie.

  2. To be fair worry about some of BR decisions plays McGregor at LB when Millar is playing at LB and similar to KT also Boyata nightmare everyone can c it apart from BR why sign Compper not play him said he needs games but last week played Boyata who had no game time sinclair/Armstrong should possibly have went with Mosunda and Roberts leave on Edouard

  3. Oh for God ‘s sake if we had a player sent off in similar circumstances you would all be greetin and moanin about masonic conspiracies. The boy never touched Brown. It was a terrible decision, the fella should never have been sent off if you cannot admit that then you are twisted. Charles spot on the manager makes questionable decisions and this was such a day. Gordon, I hate to inform you mate but the invincibles are over. How long do they get to under perform before people wise up. Mid way into net season. How long do poor footballers who have little interest in playing for Celtic get to pull on the jersey and amble around the park doing nothing. Tell me, one year, three years. We are ahead of the rest because they are rubbish and have no bottle. Not because we are any good. This is a poor team playing poorly. We were over 30 points in front of the rest last season now we are 10, because this season we have been rubbish, almost every week. worse than that we are boring, one dimensional and not entertaining. We need 6 or 7 players to improve. Too many rubbish, lazy players in the team. And winning a league in Scotland is not exactly hard if you have millions of pound more than everyone else. The quicker this season is over the better.

  4. Gordon, I am no zombie but you are a thick moronic drone who believes what you are told to believe. You are also dishonest. If this was 1994 you would be one of the thick halfwits supporting the old board. Can you not see? Do you think that what you witnessed today was good enough. What about Europe stupid? You are one of these clowns who think it is OK to get beat 7-0. Been supporting Celtic for about 3 weeks. I don’t need the Daily record or the Celtic View to tell me what I am watching. And what I am watching is not good enough for any Celtic team. And neither was last week. Standards have fallen so much it is frightening.

  5. The ref saw Kipre kick out just like Broonie’s flick on Neymar and remember the wee kick by Beckham in the world cup knock outs, suck it up it was a sending off and Celtic should have made the most of it, they didn’t. 10 points clear and a game in hand come on the bhoys Hail Hail

  6. There you go again John,calling one of your own “a thick moronic drone” i am dishonest,why? is it because as you say i think what i saw today was good enough?Your’e the thick one as if you read my comment properly,you will see that i said we weren’t at our best today or in fact this season.
    I have been watching Celtic for 49 years since i was 6 years old.I have witnessed many great times and many bad times including the Kelly and White dynasties you refer to.No i am not a clown and heither do i accept it is ok to get beat 7-0,but i was brought up with a “we don’t care if we WIN LOSE OR DRAW” mentality and can understand that it is all good and well qualifying for the champions league,but we can’t attract the calibre of player needed to compete with not only CL teams but the bigger spending teams in the Europa.Players wouldn’t come to play only in the CL, if we could afford transfer fees and wages,which we cant but they are not interested in playing in Scotland.

  7. Ignore that idiot John in his mind he actually believes he’s a tim ??Well he ain’t one we want or need he is constantly talking crap on video Celts and The Celtic blog he is a doom and gloom merchant you know that type loves to tell you the bad news never good with this halfwit he probably have criticised The lions winning the big cup ! Jus ignore the fool he has no place within our Great Club ! Hail Hail Double TREBLE on the way!! Now John get to f**k !!!!!

  8. Stessano and Gordon are clearly very new to being Celtic supporters, clearly they have grown tired of getting beaten and have transferred over from Sevco. You see chaps Celtic supporters pride themselves on honesty and an ability to view the game honestly. We also don’t need to agree with every word that comes out of fellow supporters mouths or the mouths of our manager and chief executive. We can make our minds up for ourselves. I have supported Celtic for over 50 years and have travelled all over watching them. I am not a Sevco/Rangers supporter and do not subscribe to group think. It is dangerous. Telling peopel to F*** Off for expressing an opinion different to mine is not something I would do. I will question your intelligence if you think what you are seeing is good enough or you immediately go with the H** angle, when anyone challenges your worldview. I will question your honesty if you are clearly lying and you can tell when someone is lying when they immediately go for the whataboutery argument straight away. You see, I have witnessed terrible decisions against Celtic but it does not make me feel any better when terrible decisions favour us. And yesterday was a terrible decision. When we suffer from a terrible decision in the future this one will be used to say well they even themselves up. It is bad for football. i have no time for Andy walker and actually think that Brown did not react much, he halfheartedly flinched. But it is still wrong. Brown is revelling in being the tough man of Scottish football, well he would not have felt that yesterday. You two boys appear to be early teens so you will learn as you grow up. More time supporting celtic and watching football will be an education. Not all people are blinkered. Also I do not believe our manager is infallible, a saint or a God. I used to watch him when he was dying at Liverpool. I have to admit I used to enjoy his weekly meltdowns on camera after a terrible result.This was a time when the man was being openly mocked by commentators and everybody else for being delusional. This period is one of the reasons we have him at Celtic because it made him virtually unemployable down south. Make no mistake Brendan is first and foremost a Brendan Rodgers man and when or if a big job down south is offered he will jump at the chance, especially if he wins another treble. You see Brendan knows he is going nowhere in Europe and the only way is backwards because we won’t even spend a portion of what we have in trying to compete. Yesterday was another day for the bizarre statement, like he used to do when Liverpool were awful. We can all see that Celtic have been poor for months, dressing it up as anything else is a lie. he also makes questionable decisions, he has not really been punished in any meaningful way for these, except in Europe, but taking off Ntcham and Edouard to put on two guys who are not interested and are garbage is crazy. signing an injury prone 32 year old and continuing to play a hopeless tool like Boyata is simply bad management. It does not make me less of a Celtic supporter for saying this it just means I can see. Rodgers did this at Liverpool he continued with players who were not good enough and not playing well and it got him the sack. Hopefully he is not repeating the same mistakes at Celtic.

  9. John,AGAIN did you actually take in what i wrote? i said i have watched Celtic for 49 years of my puff,i am therefore no teenager,as you call it.Got more than a sneaky feeling your’e actually J.Barton incognito,Celtic will click again and until then i will continue to support the team THROUGH AND THROUGH.
    In regard to Brendan,you seem to know more about his capabilities than most of the players who have played under him,other managers,analysts,TV presenters,reporters of who the vast majority all sing his praises.As for being unemployable down south,don’t make me laugh,he turned down offers to come to Celtic,why? because he is a Celtic man,but i don’t view him as a god or a saint,only a great manager and a Celtic fan.
    Nearly forgot to remind you,you’re still a wa**ker, still just saying like.


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