BEN DOAK made his Celtic debut this afternoon, making him the second younger player to ever play for Celtic, behind Jack Aitchison

Initially starting on the right-wing, the 16-year-old was fantastic. He had pace and ran at the defence without fear. When he was moved to the middle, he continued his great play.

As the clock ran down, fans encouraged the young player to take the ball to the corner flag, but instead, he decided to beat a few Arab defenders and have a shot at goal.

Thursday Flagship Podcast w/ Gianni Capaldi

It is clear that Doak is an exciting talent, no wonder some of England’s biggest teams are after his signature.

It’s always great to see an exciting prospect come through. It’s even better the manager is willing to give the young lad a chance to make an impression despite his young age.

In the past, highly rated youth prospects have moved away from Celtic. Hopefully, he will realise the faith the manager seems to have in him and stay at Parkhead to continue his development.


  1. Derek, I agree. These writers tend to get a bit excited a lot of the time , we had the same thing with young Owen Moffat a few months back . Calm down and let them develop


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