Ange Postecoglou has delivered the perfect response to the media after they questioned the Celtic manager about their managerial situation.

Ange, who has just been named manager of the month for October, was not in the mood to discuss his rivals and quickly brought it back to Celtic.

The manager isn’t interested in looking over the fence at his rivals and anything they’re doing. The analogy given, it’s about Celtic getting their house looking perfect, sorting themselves out and then seeing how they stack up against the rest of the neighbourhood.

Ange is absolutely correct, we can’t affect what’s going on elsewhere, we just have to make sure we’re in the best place possible.

Celtic have been slowly building since the summer and the squad is already in a much better place going into the next run of games before the New Year.

This time last year we were a mess. Ange speaking sense as always. Fans have loved his no nonsense approach to the media.


  1. It’s beyond me why anyone would even bother to ask about another teams managerial situation.
    Are there any grown-up sports journalists/reporters left in Scotland at all….just one?

  2. They rarely ask “What do you think of the situation with…” about any other club but the scum, and thereby betray their own allegiances at the same time. I wish the club would just ban these fools instead of wasting Ange’s precious time with banal nonsense.


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