KYOGO FURUHASHI has been out since the last international break. The Celtic striker sustained a knee injury while playing for his country and he’s been trying to get back up to speed in Glasgow.

We were made aware earlier this week of the player NOT being selected by Japan.

Something that’s been backed up by World Soccer Talk

We have the official Japan press release below:

Reuters have also reported on Japan not having Kyogo’s firepower for their next couple of games but Ange told the media today that he has been picked:

“I’m keen to get them some game time before the break. Obviously [Callum is] going away with the Scotland team, Kyogo’s been selected in the Japanese team. So we need to sort of assess where they’re at, so getting them some game-time makes sense.” Ange told Celtic TV on Youtube.

I don’t know if the manager has misspoken or Kyogo has declared himself fit and will now travel.

We will keep you up to date with this one. We know this is important for Celtic fans who would like to see the player stay in Glasgow and be ready for our October games.

Hopefully the manager has misspoken. There’s a chance Kyogo will play against Aberdeen at the weekend, but even at that, sending him back out to play in Japan across the world is hardly ideal for a player just back from injury.


  1. Why is he allowed to travel? He has been absent from the Celtic team for a month, a distrous months and now he is supposedly travelling to become involved with the Japan squad. I don’t care how good he is tell him not to bother coming back. Same with McGregor Celtic pay these guys. If they are not fit enough to play for Celtic then why are they fit enough to play for their crappy international teams. Waste of time point less garbage that International football is. Players who rule themselves out of playing for Celtic to play international football should be sacked for false sickness claims. Players who play for Celtic should always prioritise Celtic over their country. What is this 1875? What a load of garbage this quasi-fascist patriotism nonsense really is. Celtic first, last. No room for anything else. Especially if injured before games.


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