ANGE POSTECOGLOU is wanting Paradise to be rocking when Celtic face Motherwell on Sunday, despite the planned silent protest. Having already stayed silent for Thursday night’s Europa League match, fan groups are encouraging fans to remain silent on Sunday unless the club releases a statement in relation to the rumored appointment of Bernard Higgins.

Thursday’s atmosphere was strange, the occasional chant would be sung, however, the majority of fans remained silent.

Speaking to the Herald, Ange said;

“My hope and wish for it is that for 90 minutes we all come together as a football club.

“Because that’s what special about this football club – that 90 minutes, anyone who plays in that atmosphere knows it’s so special.

“So from my point of view I much prefer it when the crowd are right behind the boys. They both feed off each other’s energy. Hopefully that returns.”

It is really simple for the club to put an end to the protests, a statement that denies the rumored appointment would do the trick, or even engaging with the fans on the matter. However, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

The current actions of the club show just how wide apart the board and the fans are and fans have had enough. Supporters already had their reservations about the board, but this current situation has not done any favours for those who sit in higher places. The fans want change at the top, with Bankier’s places already under threat after the AGM.


  1. Forget this silent protest cr*p,the majority of fans want the current board replenished at worst or replaced all together,but the fans need to get behind the team and be as loud as they possibly can,with resounding choruses of “SACK THE BOARD – SACK THE BOARD – SACK THE BOARD” sung throughout the 90 minutes of every game.HH COYBIG

  2. If supporters aren’t going to support the team, then stay at home or better still, give up your ST and let one from the 17,000 on the waiting list take your place.

    It’s becoming ever more embarrassing & tiresome with the GB/NC

    If you want to protest, take it outside of the ground in a way that it’s not detrimental to the team

  3. I think the board and fans are playing a game of bluff and I think the board will win because they know fans love of celtic will override their dissaproval of Higgins. The board may still reject Higgins appointment.


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