Ange Postecoglou watched his side slog it out for the win at Aberdeen on Sunday and take all three points back to Glasgow.

It was Celtic’s first win away from home in the SPFL since February and it was well earned.

After the game, Ange was asked about the potential introduction of VAR and if he supported the SPFL pursuing the technology in the league going forward.

It’s clear the manager is in favour:

Speaking on BBC Sportsound on Sunday afternoon the Celtic manager said “I think it’s inevitable. I’ve had experience with it in Japan and Australia in international football.

“And even in European football now it’s there. So I think it’s inevitable that it’ll come in. There have obviously been some issues but I think as people get to understand it better and use it better, those issues will become less and less.”

Our view.

VAR is here to stay and it’d technology we need to embrace. However, we currently have part time referees and we’ve been told the league can’t afford full time officials. Surely we should be looking at brining in a squad of full time referees whose only jobs is to live and breathe the game and their profession to get the very best out of them.

Right now, it looks like we’re going to buy expensive technology, foot the bill among the clubs and then hand it over to some of the bumbling idiots who officiate our games on a weekly basis.

You just have to look at Bobby Madden at Aberdeen vs Celtic on Sunday; the referee stopped the game so much for outlandishly soft fouls in favour of the home side. These decisions will continue to fly under VAR and can cause real disruption to a side who do rely on the game flowing.

We’re for VAR making the big calls but again, we want the most competent officials possible making these decisions.


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