ANGE Postecoglou was not in the mood for silly questions when he came up against the media today.

The usual pre-match press conference got off to an inauspicious start thanks to one journalist who thought an opening question for a game in the Europa League was to ask the manager about Cup final allocations.

Ange was both mortified and irked by the question but he was still nice about it in the end.

He made it clear the question was not part of his brief or anything he wants to go into because he’s the manager of the football club and not the ticket office.

We’ve covered the moment Ange put’s his head on his hands as he tries to keep his composure at the question.

Hibernian want a 50/50 split for the cup final but due to their poor sales of semi final tickets and strong sales from Celtic fans for their semi.

It’s something for the SPFL and the clubs’ hierarchy to sort out, the media were just looking for a cheap headline. Ange hilariously didn’t give them one.



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