Ange Postecoglou is a straight shooter. The Celtic manager never sugar coats anything and is forthcoming when asked honest questions.

The Australian is courteous and respectful of journalists doing their jobs but he did take exception to some in the media trying to paint him as a man in over his head.

There’s been a sustained narrative for the past two weeks of Ange not knowing how big this club is and let’s be honest, there are some in our own support who have echoed those thoughts.

Ange put that notion to bed this afternoon by claiming the condescending nature of people saying he has misjudged the size of the club and what’s expected is a joke.

Ange has suffered a difficult spell at Celtic. Injuries haven’t helped and the lack of depth in his squad is painful. We need to allow this man to get on with this rebuild. We were decimated last season and combining into October we’re still dealing with the fallout of Dermot Desmond and the board taking so long to appoint a new manager and get the players in we needed.


  1. Well said Ange. Turn the tables on them. They are motivated to annoy and destroy, so spin it to them. They don’t realise the size of our club, hence the pathetic questions. They are only in a job due to the size of our club. Lets face it print papers are doomed to collapse over the years. They have to try to make something out of nothing, and they are failing in that too.

  2. He has a right to fight his corner, that it’s not over until the fat lady sings. Its not about how many times you win. Its about all the times you lose or draw, games that you should be winning. Now that is a worry, that is a worry for the most passionate of fans. And at Paradise, its a sackable offence, come prize giving time or Xmas.
    And I know santa comes into Bondi beach on a surfboard. Great time of the year for kids, gut wrenching for adults, when you struggle for the cash to survive, and if the team you are a supporter of is six points (or more) in deficit. Hogmanys going to be a cold time to protest. So let’s get some things into perspective, six points is six too many to claw back, after Xmas. Unless a total collapse happens at the dark star. So if the directors care, they will open the check book and buy a defence, a striking midfielder and a big bloke to hold up challenging defenders for a striker.


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