Former Celtic player turned pundit Davie Provan almost seems irked that most Celtic fans are right behind Ange Postecoglou.

Taking his seat in the Go Radio show, the glass half empty pundit can’t understand the Ange appreciation from the Celtic support.

I would suggest to Davie, he’s a part of why we like Ange so much. The Australian is no nonsense and doesn’t suffer fools gladly, and sadly, that’s what Davie is these days.

He’s constantly looking for the negatives and not putting over the amount of good work a man who came in just over five months ago has done.

Provan has had a few digs at Ange over the last few months that we’ve ignored, but it’s almost as if he wants the manager to fail.

How dare the Celtic fans find a manager they can buy in to. Provan is as jaded as they come when it comes to Celtic. His outlook on what Celtic should be is a million miles from where we’re at right now, Rome wasn’t built in a day.


  1. There’s a lot like , Davie, former Celtic player turned Pundit . Chris Sutton, Pat Bonner , John Hartson , Frank McAvennie , Andy Walker , Jackie McMamara , Charlie Nicholas , Murdo McLeod , The list is endless .

  2. Getting off topic here slightly but i have a horn that would beat a donkey out of a quarry.

    Are you even permitted to say stuff like that these day without offending something?


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