Ange Postecoglou has been paying tribute to Wim Jansen after the sad news of the former Hoops manager’s passing.

Postecoglou always has a way with words and he did well speaking about the man who stopped the ten.

Wim holds a special place in Celtic’s history, coming in for one season – the Dutchman won a double and signed Henrik Larsson for the club.

Ange had this to say.

Wim was Celtic’s first foreign coach. Before he came on the scene, Celtic managers had been Scottish, British or Irish.

Ange is another man who doesn’t fit that description and who’s paving his own path at the club.

Wim held the Celtic fans in high regard and knows how much the title win back in 1998 meant to us all.

It’s certainly a sad day for the club and football to lose Wim.

We must remember what he achieved at the club and carry his stories through generations.


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