In several statements since joining the club, Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou has continuously hit the mark and represented us in class fashion.

He has done so once again this afternoon in his message against racism.

With Scottish Football set to back the ‘Show Racism The Red Card’ campaign, in fixtures this weekend – Ange released his message on behalf of the club, insisting that ‘enough is enough’.

As quoted by the Daily Record, the 56-year old also touched on his experiences living in several countries around the world and the issues that people still face today, which is simply unacceptable.

He said: “Myself and everyone at the club again want to make a strong stand against racism in all its forms. Sadly, we continue to see things demonstrating that racism is still very much with us and that just isn’t good enough.

“Of course, some of these are in football, but let’s get it right, this is a problem for the whole of society which can manifest itself in our game. However, if we in football can help and shine a light on it and call it out, then that’s what together, we must do, without question.

“But when we call it out, when we say no to racism, we must mean it and feel it and work for some real change.

“I have been really fortunate to have lived my life in different places and spoken before about my own background as an immigrant.

“It has been a joy to have lived these experiences and to meet so many different people. I have always loved that kind of variety and being part of that kind of community with people of different colour, nationality or background.

It’s stating the obvious to say that tackling this issue has not been easy, and so many people have fought so hard for so many years in this area, something which must be applauded.

“But people continue to face racist attitudes in 2021, of that there is no doubt. In no way do I pretend to have all the answers, but for me, I think most people know what right and wrong is – I think a start is being a decent person, it’s about thinking about others and treating all people with the kind of courtesy, respect and humanity which you would expect yourself.

“So we must challenge racism whenever we see it; we must call it out and say very clearly that enough is enough.”

With players displaying the message during training at Lennoxtown this afternoon, Ange hits the nail on the head again with his comments.

His story is one which is so inspiring, surrounding his background and how he made it in football. So, hearing him speak about these issues with first-hand experience continues to show how long the issue of racism has affected so many people across the globe.

We have also seen this season players affected by racism, and it is simply unacceptable. It is time to stamp out all discrimination once and for all.

To read more about ‘Show Racism the Red Card’, you can visit their website here.


  1. That should do it then, with Ange’s statement and another few weeks of taking the knee and racism will be thing of the past.

    If only people had realised that all that needed to be done was to cajole professional sportsmen into releasing a few carefully worded statements and going down on bended knee for 10 seconds on a weekly basis and this menace would be eradicated.

    This is great news. ..

    I reckon it won’t be long till the black people figure out that they are being lampooned yet again with this 21st century tokenism or should that be wokism that will neither further their cause, whatever that may be, nor will it cease corporations and conglomerates using this to their advantage

    If people want to be treated the same as everyone else they should stop demanding to be treated differently.

    Very simple. Too simple probably.

    • 100% correct, watchin da hoops go down on one knee every week while all the other clubs laughin at them is mad in the head. Who are the moronss who came up with this, and worse is the morons who think its going to change anything.

      celtic need to move away from this nonsense and stop been used as idiots by others who wouldnt help a black man if he was dying on the side of the road.

      this campaign is not about making anyones life any better, if it was you wouldnt have to keep ramming it down every1s throat.


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