LEIGH GRIFFITHS will have heard like the rest of us about Ange Postecoglou becoming the next Celtic manager. The striker is in limbo at the moment and may even be a free agent already, although that’s more likely to be the case at the end of June.

Ange is the manager, but he can’t get to Lennoxtown just yet. The new manager has held talks with people at the club about what’s going to happen moving forward – surely Leigh has had to come into the conversation.

Celtic could still offer Leigh terms on a new deal if they move quickly but does Ange want him?

Leigh hasn’t given up the ghost just yet, he posted himself in the gym this afternoon wearing all his Celtic gear making it clear there’s going to be no repeat of last pre-season if he doest get the call from Ange.

The information and data out there now for managers is huge. Places like inStat, WyScout etc can help build a picture for incoming coaches to make informed choices. Ange will also ask the people at the club about Leigh’s influence and demeanour in the dressing room.

Out of courtesy to Leigh, he should be told one way or another which way the pendulum is swinging very quickly. If I was Ange, I’d be getting on the phone to the striker immediately.



  1. He should be messaging all players and informing them everybody starts new season with a clean slate and then after a few weeks training he can decide who goes and who he wants to keep.

  2. My guess is that Leigh will be offered an vastly reduced deal which his pride will make him reject…exactly what happened with Craig Gordon last year.
    Can’t really say im that bothered one way or the other.
    If he stays he’ll surely be a squad player at best and this is probably not what he needs at this stage of his career

  3. I truelly believe L.G is the best finisher in Scotland by far when fit & mentality strong. He can & will prove everyone wrong again. Mark my words 🍀


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