Some Scottish media reported back in May the Celtic manager was being lined up for a bumper long term deal after his league title win.

However, Ange Postecoglou has no interest in talking about a long term deal and believes these sorts of things mean nothing in the end.

The Australian says he thrives on the sort of insecurity that comes with territory as a manager and getting signed up longer term is something that concerns people on the outside but not the man himself.

For those who aren’t aware, Ange’s Celtic deal is a 12-month rolling contact. What does that mean? Simply put, every day Ange wakes up – he has 12 months on his Celtic deal. It’s a contract that has been given to most Hoops bosses in the 21st century – even Brendan Rodgers when he first arrived.

The media do put a lot of emphasis on these things but Ange says as long as Celtic want him to be the manager – he isn’t going anywhere!

“Long term contracts in coaching really mean absolute jack as anyone will tell you. I’m really happy at Celtic and I’ve had an amazing year. As long as the club want me to stay, I’ll be sticking around.” The Celtic gaffer told Australian SportsDay.

“Security is the last thing I’ve ever worried about in my coaching tenure. What drives me is the insecurity of it…in every role I’ve ever done, I’ve left because I’ve wanted another challenge.

“I’m really happy at this football club, it’s geared for success, we have Champions League football, these are the things that are important to me.

Brendan Rodgers was eventually signed up to a long term deal and we know that did little to deter him from leaving. All it meant was Celtic got a bigger fee for the Irishman when he did decide to move on.

Ange is happy and Celtic fans are happy to have him so there shouldn’t be a clamour or rush unless the Celtic board believe there’s a chance he could be poached in the next year or two.


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