In the latest episode of “When Delusion Strikes,” our bitter rivals across town decided to go all out after beating Celtic for the first time this season. Fireworks could be heard in some parts of Glasgow. Yes, you read that right. Fireworks, because they managed to win a dead rubber game that held absolutely no significance other than massaging their bruised egos.

It seems Rangers fans and the media have gone into a new stratosphere of delusion, conveniently forgetting the fact that Celtic have already won the league, beaten them in the League Cup final, and knocked them out of the Scottish Cup.

Ange Postecoglou’s Bold Celtic Choices

Ange Postecoglou, made some bold choices for the game, both enforced and not. With 3/4 of our usual defence missing and star striker Kyogo Furuhashi rested, it’s safe to say that we were not at our strongest. But let’s give credit where credit is due. Ange put faith in a team he thought could still win. Bernabei is miles off from being a regular starter, and centre-back Yuki Kobayashi, who needs to wisen up, both had a chance to shine. While they didn’t quite rise to the occasion, it’s too early to write them off entirely – although the length of rope given to Bernabei is shorter.

Ange Postecoglou
Soccer Football – Scottish Premiership – Rangers v Celtic – Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow, Scotland, Britain – May 13, 2023 Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou reacts REUTERS/Russell Cheyne

And let’s not forget the painful miss by striker Oh in the first half. It was hard to watch, but there’s enough potential there to work with. The performance wasn’t our finest hour, but we must remember that the heart of our defense was missing, and they had their pride to play for on Saturday.

The absurdity and extent of Rangers fans’ and players’ celebrations as we march towards a potential treble is very telling. They were setting off fireworks, their players were shushing on social media because they won their first game of the season against Celtic when it mattered the least. I grew up in a time where second place was never celebrated by either side of Glasgow, but things have changed. When you’ve had a years worth of fireworks stuck in your garage waiting for a trophy win and one doesn’t come, simply besting Celtic one time out of six is worth reaching for the lighter.

Listen, I have no issue with fans celebrating a victory over their greatest rivals. After this season, and quite frankly, the last two decades, the small wins can matter more when you’re not the dominant force. Growing up in the 90s, as a Celtic fan, we probably indulged in a bit of this. Although, I don’t recall my dad getting the sparklers out very often.

While it’s understandable that Celtic fans are upset over the performance, because it was unacceptable, this game has given Ange an insight into some of his fringe players and some extra impetus for this summer’s transfer window. With our eyes set on the Scottish Cup final against Inverness, the frustration will dissipate quite quickly, and party mode will return.

As the saying goes: He who laughs last, laughs best,” and we’ll be laughing all the way to the trophy cabinet.


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