ANGE POSTECOGLOU has an incredible vision for Celtic in the Champions League. He wants to gradually build a squad capable of competing at the top level of European football.

However, to do this, he needs to qualify for the competition every year. The boss recognises this and will do all he can to best prepare the team to ensure they can get into the Champions League yearly.

It’s a lengthy process that requires a few transfer windows, but the manager is keen to complete the challenge so that when he leaves, the club will still be able to compete at the top level.

Speaking on the Open Goal Podcast, the Celtic manager revealed his plans for the club.

“I want us to be a Champions League football club. What does that mean? That means you qualify every year, and every year you get a little bit stronger so that one day, further down the line, after I’m gone, you can still challenge.

“You can’t do that in increments; you can’t go from here to here in one transfer window for a club our size. So what I’m trying to do is build a Champions League club, and every year we just get a little bit stronger.

“The idea is, this year we’re in the Champions League, let’s have a real crack at it. Let’s have a go at it, see where we’re at, and qualify again next year get a little bit closer and a little bit closer. If you do that, the players you bring in match that level.”

It’s an exciting vision that just adds to the hype of this year’s Champions League. Fans are desperate to get the campaign underway, knowing there is a chance to finish in the top two of the group and qualify for the last 16 round of the competition. Reaching the later stages would show a real statement of intent from Ange and his team.


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