Hearts owner Ann Budge has let the cat out of the bag when it comes to when most of Scottish football believes the game will get going again.

There was a Hampden video conference in early a Friday morning with Budge again making a statement through the Hearts website about her staff taking a pay cut.

The unique challenge of trying to stay solvent during these unprecedented times is something which has affected a lot of clubs.

With no proper re-start date, Ann made it clear when the authorities and most clubs could be back.

“On Monday, 16th March, I addressed a full gathering of players, coaches and back-room staff and explained the severity of the situation following the shut-down of football on 13th March.  I explained the immediate/short-term implications in financial terms, and stressed that despite what was being said publicly, the consensus, among most people involved in running football clubs in Scotland, was that football was not likely to start again until late July/early August.” Budge told the Hearts Official website.

July/Early August appears to be the jump off date for many.

We don’t know what this is based on. It could be what the government had laid out and when they expect the virus to peak.

Celtic are still no the wiser on what will happen to the league season at present. Everything is up in the air, and it’s more a waiting game than anything.