Scottish Football fans are well used to negative comments about the level of football in the SPFL from down south but digs from a manager in the Belgian league is a step too far.

Yesterday it was Jack Hendry who claimed the standard in the Belgian league was far higher than the SPFL. Today, according to Record Sport Mechelen manager Wouter Vrancken who has Marian Shved on loan for the season has said the player is not up to scratch due to playing his football in a “lot lower-level league”

He said: “He hasn’t been able to train last week because he was late arriving back from international football with Ukraine so that wasn’t ideal. And he has arrived from the Scottish league which is a lot lower level than our league. So it makes sense that he is going to take time to adjust to a higher standard.”

Maybe someone should tell him that Shved or Hendry for that matter were deemed not good enough to get into the Celtic squad which is why they were loaned out in the first place. How he can manage the player of a league he has never properly played in takes some amount of idiot. Who has ever heard of Mechelen?


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