It’s easy to see why the Ibrox board keep chasing Celtic men – we are successful and a winning mentality.

Amidst the furore of Steven Gerrard’s (Another fan of Celtic) potential appointment, it turns out the Ibrox board tried to their best to persuade Kilmarnock and Steve Clarke.

Clarke who has done a monumental job at Kilmarnock since taking in job was ‘contacted’ by a third party last week to see if he would be interested in the role.

The response was thanks but no thanks!

The Rangers are desperate to install the right man for the job who can at least have an attempt at stopping Celtic from winning ten in a row.

Every manager they have appointed since finally making it to the SPFL has been seen off by our own Celtic fan gaffer, Brendan Rodgers.

Whoever takes the job has got an unenviable task of managing outlandish expectations under horrible circumstances.


  1. Nobody but those with no shame or without any feeling of self worth would take the Managers gig at Ibrokes.
    Just what you could put on your future CV when looking for future Employment…
    What would your CV say.. A total lack of judgement and a total lack of Self Respect plus a total shortage of Brain Power as shown by the very fact he attempted to Manage iBrokes Rangers.
    Anyone except the most idiotic would even consider Never Mind attempt to manage that club.
    No self-respecting Manager would even consider Managing a club with the Potential for Growth the same as planting Rice in the Sahara and expecting it to Grow when its Natural home is Watery Home in China.
    They are getting deeper and deeper into the World of Fantasy. HH


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