Sorry to say Celtic fans, the massive game between Hibernian and Celtic midweek will NOT be televised by SPFL rights owner’s Sky Sports.

In what’s an all too common occurrence now, if Celtic fans want to watch the game through legitimate means, they will have to shell out a PPV fee to the away club.

When BT was involved in our game alongside Sky Sports, we enjoyed our games being on the TV more often than not. This new deal with Sky Sports is costing Celtic fans a fortune. The SPFL selling to the highest bidder rather than the broadcaster who can showcase our game properly is coming back to bite us.

Sky Sports continually put on substandard broadcasts, and now they can’t be bothered even putting on top games.

To recap, if you want to legitimately catch all of Celtic’s games in a season here’s all the things you need to pay for:

  • Season ticket
  • Sky Sports Sub
  • BT Sub
  • Premier Sports Sub
  • Random PPV fees [The highest so Far – Livingston at £20]

It’s an expensive hobby being a Celtic fan.

The Hibernian game will set you back £15 on Wednesday night with a lineup of Dougie Donnelly and John Hughes.

Tam McManus will be on commentary.


  1. I get so annoyed with my fellow Celtic supporters, wee get a raw deal from sky and have done for years stop giving them money, cancel your subscription why oh why would you give that lot a penny.

  2. All you do paying Sky is subsidise already very wealthy English clubs! Time Celtic got more of the media rights in-house but I’ve thought that since we got our own online tv channel over 20 years ago! Will we get moves on this in near future so our club can make more without having to hope for more European games to get more tv income!?

  3. I get annoyed also at people who claim BT Sports care more. Truth is they dont and talked the talk but were not prepared to pay for it hence we were left with Sly Sports. The SPFL and the SFA not much better and neither are the clubs who never stand up for their own supporters. They all treat us as cash cows.

  4. Ive had enuf – Sky short-changed Scottish football coverage last year, showing less games than promised. Today I kicked Sky Sports into touch.


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