Ex-Ibrox Player Dismisses Null & Void Outcome

With each passing day more and more people weigh in on the big debate of how this seasons football should conclude. It certainly looks like it won’t be settled by playing football the way things currently look around the world.

The argument for the Hoops been awarded the title now is starting to gather real momentum. A lot of ex-Rangers players are the ones in the media all but admitting the game is up and that Gers fans need to prepare for nine in a row.

So far we have had Alex Rae and Barry Ferguson laying the groundwork for another Celtic title. Today was the turn of former Rangers and England striker Mark Hatley.

The ex-pro was speaking to PLZ Soccer, and he said:

“You want the season to be played in full so there is no griping back and people saying it wasn’t finished.

“As a professional, I think most players would want to finish the season out but whether that’s going to happen or not, that’s the million-dollar question. I would play it out to a finish and then just play into the next season straight away.”

“You get the season going then run it all the way through, possibly dropping a cup competition next year. It’s important to get this season done and get next season’s underway.”

Every single Celt wants the season finished on the pitch but that looks more and more unlikely. Real concerns have to be growing now about next season never mind finishing this season.


  1. Be great to end it now. Go on hols, come back in a month, start to train, get ready for summer football and hit the pitch running and ahead of the European qualifying games. Now that would make sense. No Scottish Cup neither. All clubs already in finals. Get to play for last year’s cup games, before the season starts. As a opener, when Uefa and the SPFL and Spl get the go ahead. No more sour grapes please.


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