LAZIO were handed a partial stand closure for their fans being charged with racist behaviour during the Rennes game. It seems like a very lenient punishment for such an offence.

Now all eyes will be back on UEFA tomorrow as they decide what Celtic’s punishment will be for supporters use of pyro during the game against Cluj early in October.

The Green Brigade put on a brilliant display before the game which showed Muhammed Ali on the canvas, only to rise up against Joe Frazier. The caption of the banner reading – ‘Ain’t Nothing Wrong With Going Down, It’s Staying Down That’s Wrong’. This was in reference to Celtic being knocked out of the Champions League by Cluj and set the tone for their revenge at Celtic Park in the Europa League.

The Green Brigade then lit Pyro for effect which was met by applause by a lot of the home support – it was a fantastic visual. However, UEFA rules are clear we can’t use pyro inside stadiums at the moment and we have ran foul of the rule meaning Celtic will incur a punishment.

The hearing is set for Thursday with Celtic expected to be handed another fine after they already picked one up earlier this season away to AIK.


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