The president of Albania, Illir Meta, is planning to start-up a Celtic supporters club in Albania because he’s such a big fan of the club. The supporters club opens up on the 9th of July, and everyone is invited.

Meta began his support of the club after a chance meeting with Hoops supporters who took over the Bosnian capital ahead of their Champions League win over FK Sarajevo last year. Since then, he has always been on social media professing his love for the Scottish Champions.

Hopefully, the Albian President can experience Parkhead’s atmosphere himself after the pandemic assuming that he will be watching the games when they start back in August.

Celtic’s games start back in August with Hamilton Accies as their first game. In October, the first Glasgow Derby will take place and right now we’re unsure if that fixture will have supporters inside the ground.

Celtic have supporters clubs all over the world from Brazil to Blackpool, an Albanian CSC will fit right in!


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