Former Celtic defender Gary Caldwell has said that the Hoops should show city rivals Rangers, ‘respect’ at the weekend by giving them a guard of honour on their visit to Celtic Park. The obsession with this tiny point scoring exercise is stupid and should be treated as such.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Caldwell made the comments suggesting Celtic should show ‘class’ and ‘humility’ by giving the Ibrox side a guard of honour.

Many Celtic fans have, of course, disagreed with this opinion, with Caldwell even admitting he believes that would be the case.

Caldwell isn’t the former player or manager to suggest the idea with the likes of John Hughes and Brendan Rodgers also saying the same.

We have seen in the past, that Rangers have refused to give us a guard of honour after winning the title which has left fans of the opinion that the idea should be forgotten altogether.

Ultimately, the idea of a guard of honour is something of the past and will probably be fazed out of the game within a few years. There seems to be a lot more talk around this rather than other conversation points ahead of the derby.


  1. They refused to give us a guard of honour after winning Trebles!!
    Caldwell must be a medical curiosity. For somebody with a napper that size his skull must be about five inches thick to house a brain the size of a pea!!

  2. If he thinks we should give the huns a guard of honour I question the size of his hawmaws anaw!!!!

    That soup must taste sweet once you leave CP!

    How does that suit you?

  3. Does it no?

    Caldwell’s a failed coach/manager and the only way he’s got of making a decent living out of the game in Scotland is to get himself a cozy wee billet in punditry to keep himself in the lifestyle he’s accustomed to, and to do that he has to tow a certain party line. ‘Same club’, ’55’, ‘fat alfie’s worth 50Mill’, ‘Celtic should give the huns a guard of honour, even though they never once gave us one after FOUR TREBLES’!
    And for that he’s going to question our club, our players, our supports honour, decency and respect, against that shower of cheating thieving lowlifes?

    His skull night be five inches thick, but it’s made of glass, because anyone who can’t see that’s brain can’t be much bigger!
    Soup taker, never a Celt in a million years, whether that suits you or not.


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