John Hartson is never one to shy away from publically stating were his allegiances are as a pundit. The ex-striker always refers to Celtic as “Us” our in today’s case “Ours” when he is doing his BT commentary.

Big John has had the calculator out this morning and worked out mathematically when it is actually “ours”.

The reality is if Celtic win today, they will win another league title. It will be number eight in a row for Celtic as they continue utter domination in Scotland. To hear a Rangers* manager come out in February and declare themselves out of a title race is unheard of. After Steven Gerrard’s team dropped more points at home yesterday, the ex-Liverpool man admitted defeat in a title race or even the closing of the gap.

That means if Celtic win today at Rugby Park they will create an eight-point cushion in the league table. Gerrard will then have a fight on his hands for second place. Second place has belonged to Aberdeen for the last two seasons.



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