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Chris Sutton has ridiculed a headline by former Ibrox assistant manager Michael Beale who has insisted Ange wouldn’t have won the title last season had he and Steven Gerrard stuck around.

The incredible claim was made by the QPR boss as Steven Gerrard currently sits out of work after a disastrous spell with Aston Villa.

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Gerrard was days from the sack at Ibrox before the pandemic shut down football. His most successful season at Celtic was behind closed doors, in front of zero supporters, playing glorified training ground games. Even then, with Celtic imploding, they only managed one trophy.

Chris Sutton rightly ridiculed the comments from Beale.

Chris Sutton rarely misses on social media and made fun of the fact The Rangers would have won the title if they stuck around.

Ange Postecoglou came into town to much ridicule from the Ibrox support. Within ten months the Australian wrapped up two trophies, double the amount of Gerrard and Beale, in front of infinite supporters.


  1. Beale you ran away and took the coin. Shut yer face fat boy, you didn’t win anything and you and the boy Gerrard took the money and left. BNow pop off and see if you lost again today at QPR. GIRUY Muppet.


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