NICOLA STURGEON has hit back at the suggestion she implored the Scotland fans to have fun while condemning Gers fans for their “celebrations” in May.

Ibrox fans have been playing victims after trashing Glasgow City Centre last month. They have been trying so hard to deflect from their outrageous and shameful behaviour.

The topic of conversation among their deluded circles is they’ve been harshly picked on.

Nicole Sturgeon blew that delusion out of the water as to why these fans were roundly condemned after the shameful scenes in George square and beyond.

 “We haven’t taken a ‘softly, softly’ approach.

“We were very explicit in saying to fans who didn’t have a ticket for Wembley not to travel.

“We can’t physically stop every person travelling and significant numbers of people did travel.

“I think there is an association between that and some of the cases we’ve seen in recent days — Public Health Scotland is doing of an analysis of this and may publish more detail on that in the coming days.

“So we asked people not to travel and that was the case in terms of asking people not to gather in groups when it was Rangers winning the league a few weeks ago.

“Much of the criticism of Rangers after those events were about the damage and the anti-Catholic abuse that was being hurled around that as well and I think it’s important we don’t forget that aspect of it.”

We hear the word ‘anti-catholic’ again, which is something which has to continued to be called out. In the past, too many have put their disgraceful behaviour down under the banner of sectarianism and then tried to push a narrative ‘they’re as bad as each other’.

In our city we regularly see chapels vandalised, we’ve had priests spit on and abhorrent chanting during permitted walks and again during the title celebrations last month.

Nicola Sturgeon and people in power have to call this out and they must act to punish those who want to partake in hateful behaviour.


  1. This narrative (like the Celtic team lately) Has lost its way. Its Christian racist abuse. Let’s not forget that this abuse has been rife for well over 100 years. Just a case of Christians Vs Christians. So please don’t deflect the story. Blame socity and the Scottish forced segrigration of schooling. Best place to nip it in the bud.


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