‘Gio got Ange sussed’, only 77 days ago, Celtic fans were treated to that headline from Barry Ferguson in his Daily Record Column.

Celtic ran out 4-0 winners in the game Barry Ferguson was addressing at the time, and not two months later is Gio packing his bags and moving out of Ibrox.

Sometimes a headline can be misleading or inflated by an editor, so we thought we’d be fair to Barry and attach one of the excerpts from the column.

‘While Big Ange has only one way of playing, Gio has shown he can roll out plans A,B,C and D. Sometimes in the course of the same 90 minutes! So he’ll know what is required from his players. Keep it tight, withstand the early onslaught and then, once they’ve grown into the game, look to pick Celtic off on the counter because, let’s be honest, they don’t half leave themselves wide open at the back.’

It beggars belief. All too often, we see this kind of drudge in our papers. We understand Barry is going to cheer for Rangers but is there room for realism or objectivity?

Celtic have won ten out of the last eleven titles. The Hoops only blemish came in the pandemic season when football indulged in bounce games for financial reasons.

Celtic defeated Rangers 4-0 earlier this season
Reuters/Carl Recine

Ange came into the club and blew our rivals away last season. Bringing in a brand new team and bringing instant success with a double. For comparison – Steven Gerrard only won ONE trophy in his three years in Glasgow and that was behind closed doors. Ange lifted two trophies in less than twelve months.

It’s why these articles aren’t even horrible in hindsight; they were outrageously wrong at the time.

Maybe some pundits will learn a lesson from this season, but we won’t hold out breath.


  1. Feruson, and his clan of Ferguson of ex players are never far away when spouting rubbish. This mob are out of football and will only be used by Ipox to talk sh1te when asked/paid to do so.
    I wonder if he’s gone bankrupted. This we coward stashed his EBT cash with his we hen, and has constantly avoid the HMRC and articles on the EBT scandal. He’s juat a wee coward.


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