CHRIS SUTTON is fed up with the compliance officer after decisions made in the latest round of games defy all logic.

The two incidents in question have nothing to do with Celtic in this occasion, one of them was even against The Rangers who had a player booted in the head by a Killie player – the referee didn’t call it at the time and even with footage from as many angles they like, it was still deemed to be ok.

Sutton has been banging the drum all season the SFA compliance officer is not fit for purpose. They constantly contradict themselves, have given licence for brutality and throw the book at players when they feel like it.

Speaking to RecordSport, Sutton was clear: “This is rock bottom. The McGinn incident defies belief. It should have been seen by ref Willie Collum but the fact the compliance officer doesn’t mop up the mess just makes you wonder what is the point in her being there?

“We’ve seen countless examples of incompetence this season, right from day one, and we’ve now got to the point where anything goes, whether it’s kicking people in the head, elbowing them or booting them in the testicles.”

The system is coming under increasing pressure to reform with the current way things are done unsustainably. It’s more of a lottery than a disciplinary system at this point. Something must be done before this shambles goes any further.




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