Some Newcastle fans have reacted comically to the news their club tried to sign Scott Brown back in 2010.

During an in-depth interview with the Daily Record, the Celtic captain admitted Tony Mowbray tried to squeeze him out at Celtic back in 2010 when things weren’t going well for the club.

Brown had two options from down south as he mulled over his Celtic exit; an offer from Newcastle and Spurs who had been back and forth with his agent.

In the end, Brown’s desire to stay at the club meant he wouldn’t make the move to either English side.

Tony Mowbray would eventually be ousted as Celtic manager before the season finished and Neil Lennon took over.

One of Mowbray’s few acts before leaving was to hand Brown the armband less than a month after trying to sell him to Newcastle.

These Newcastle fans were less than polite when they heard about the transfer link.

A mixture of stupidity and ignorance from the usual EPL happy clappers.

There is no doubt about it, had Brown left Celtic at the time, he would have become a firm fan-favourite with the same lot.


  1. As a Geordie we would have loved Scott at the Toon, and please don’t give space to these negative trolls who want to cause friction.
    I love my weekends in Glasgow, and many, many Celts come to the Toon and say they feel a belonging among the Geordies.

  2. Spurs? At a push. But Newcastle? Your having a laugh. Have they actually ever won ANYTHING? Seem to remember them in things like the Fair Cities Cup (what an oxymoron that is 😜) where they would get pumped by teams like Dunfermline.
    They would be a welcome addition though to the SPFL (they are after all just Scots with lobotomies) with their mainly H\/n support. That would mean at least 8 Pumpfests a season for Big Mike’s Sevco Brothers. GIRFUY BONNIE LADS n LASSES (another oxymoron) HH UTR

  3. There is no question they are half right. There was a bullet dodged okay. Can you just imagine the backwards step it would have been for Broonie? A few seasons in the lower divisions. Playing with team-mates who are four levels below you. Gaining promotion to a league where once again youbare out if your depths which keads to annual relegation battles. Yes, a bullet was dodged. By Broonie. Far too good for Newcastle or nineteen others in the EPL.

  4. Can some fan/fans please tell me the last time Newcastle have actually WON ANYTHING??????
    Was it before the Malcolm McDonald era or when Shearer was playing.

  5. I have a lot of respect for Newcastle as an “Old School” team but dodging bullets works both ways.
    Newcastle have not been at the races since I was in short trousers and this season looks no different.

  6. Don’t make me laugh. Newcastle are no great shakes. No one has been able to take them anywhere they go up and down like a old pair of drawers. We could take the criticism if you had actually won something . So does broony regret moving to St jameses park. I think not. Celtic are huge compared to Newcastle.

  7. christ,this mob really are a deluded bunch…watched them against a poor Arsenal team at the weekend and they are shocking….a nothing club going nowhere on an annual basis….still crying into their brown ale for the days of Shearer and Keegan…ye had yer chance and BLEW it…..

  8. Ha ha Newcastle a joke club more famous for the BBC show “the likely lads”their a joke! loser team.Tho Great Celtic bar near their stadium tho as they clowns know !!I worked down there the locals are as thick as shit! In Celtic a million times the size of the joke club Broony way to good for you non achieving irrelevant club.They have some weird like of the huns also as I found out when I lived in Sydney ha ha There a complete joke compared to CELTIC A WORLD ICONIC CLUB FACT! In Broony knows it! And he is the one that “dodged the bullet”! “Whaaaayeeee”halfwit losers! HAIL HAIL TREBLE! TREBLE ON THE WAY

  9. Just stunning but unsurprising arrogance from the money launderers of global capitalism , they say these things with no knowledge of the player the club or thr game outside of tbeir flatscreen tv sets, morons,

  10. Newcastle to me are a club who think that passionate fans alone make them a great club. As a result these self same fans buy into it but at the end of the day they are just much ado about nothing really. Also sacking managers or getting shafted by cockneys on and off the pitch. Broonie wouldn’t have gone near them.

  11. Newcastle are like Ran’k’ers Pull on a football top also with a few dodgy (Well A Lot) Of decisions a couple of wins and they are (F’ckng World-beaters) Geordies & Sevconians #Always Good For A Laugh # {Feed The Bear 😂}


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