The unsavoury scenes in Valencia overnight show a police force showing utter contempt for a fan base who travel all over the world without any hassle.

Valencia were put on ‘high alert’ for the influx of Celtic supporters who are only there to support their team, sing songs and have a drink. appaling

Footage so far has shown riot police trap fans in a bar and strike any person who tried to leave the venue, we’ve seen Celtic fans marched up a street showing no signs of provocation but getting hit anyway.

Now we have Emma who has posted the following after recording footage of the heavy-handed nature of the Spanish police.

Struck and knocked to the ground for doing absolutely nothing.

Spain introduced a ‘gag law’ back in 2015 to try and stop civilians recording and posting footage of police officers on a large scale. This will be their reasoning behind striking the defenceless female Celtic fan who posed no threat to the Spanish cops at all.



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