PETER LAWWELL told shareholder at the AGM on Wednesday he was ‘satisfied’ Celtic did all they could to land John McGinn in the summer.

While many fans have moved on from the McGinn debacle with the emergence of Ryan Christie it was still worth looking over and asking the question.

The chief executive believes the club did all they could to land the midfielder in the summer.

Speaking at the AGM, Lawwell said: John McGinn chose to go to Aston Villa.

“That was his choice. I am satisfied we did all we could to bring him to Celtic but he made a career decision to go to Villa.”

However, was the CEO being completely truthful?

There was a point in the transfer window when Aston Villa were unable to buy any players until new funding was put in place.

During that time Lawwell tried to haggle with Hibernian and would not match his valuation so they could do a deal with John.

Reports say the club only met the asking price when Aston Villa came in for the Scottish midfielder and by that time John was already down south and had a massive monthly wage packet waved in-front of him.

There was no chance of Celtic getting the player at that point.

Had Lawwell met Hibs asking price weeks before this John would most likely be a Celtic player.

Was the CEO being a little disingenuous?


  1. If McGinn was as big a Tim as he makes out he’d be at Celtic. We matched Villas offer. If anyone reading this had to settle for 5k a week less for talking sake we’d still agree and fulfil our dream.

    When all said and done Christie has emerged for club and country andplaying out of his skin. Was McGinn injured for Scotland ? Last time I saw him in an international game he was horrendous.

    I’m happy how it’s turned out. Maybe it was face. End of the day Christie is fulfilling his bhoyhood dream. McGinn never will. Browns replacement? Nah……CalMac Iniesta for me


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