Aberdeen have lost it.

Celtic have become somewhat masters at the art of the deal when it comes to getting the most for their players when they move in.

Getting £7million for Stuart Armstrong this summer when he was on the last year of his deal was a masterstroke. But even Celtic knew there was a limit to what they can ask for and had a semblance of sanity.

The Dons, however, have decided to write down a valuation for a player which would look outlandish in the most fictitious of stories – something JK Rowling would struggle to get her head ar

£10million for Scott McKenna! Really?

When I first read this yesterday, I raised a smile and thought it was Aberdeen’s way of making sure nobody puts in a derisory offer for their player but in no way did I believe they actually want that for their defender.

McKenna is 21, yes, he’s under contract and being playing well in a team who just scraped second past a poor Ibrox side – there are no £10million players in that side.

The criticism of Celtic has been their inability to go and get a deal done but in this instance, they have done the right thing from the off.

If reports are true then the club have come in hot with a £3.5million bid which was swiftly rejected. Why? Because Aberdeen want £10million – no seriously.

Celtic would have to break their transfer record for a second time this season to land a player who is no better and perhaps a little worse off than our best defender Dedryk Boyata and on a par with Kristofer Ajer.

Are you having a laugh?!

This should be enough for Celtic to walk away rather than start climbing up to near their astonishing valuation.

It would make no sense, football or financial wise to put down a massive amount for Scott McKenna – it’s as simple as that.

Maybe this is a sick joke by Celtic who are trying to manufacture a scenario where fans are happy they didn’t sign a Celtic fan! I kid, but I’m starting to feel that way.


  1. If I were Scott McKenna, I’d be sending my agent in for a chat.
    I’d want to know if that was their true valuation, and if so, I’d want the going wage for that.
    This valuation will put teams off, and hinder his earning potential.
    From a Celtic fans perspective, I’m not excited about this signing.
    But I would definitely say after this and hibs, it’s a time to rethink our loan system. They’ve had Christie for two years, amd I bet they didn’t pay much for a loan fee or wages. Now want silly money for a guy with little experience. Stop loaning to Scottish clubs, or ask for large fees and high wages.


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