STUART ARMSTRONG signed a new deal this morning keeping him at the club until 2019.

While this should be cause for celebration, and it is in a way BUT given his original contract ran out in 2018 I’m a little confused by it all, especially as it was rumoured he was ready to pen a new four-year-deal.

The new deal keeps him here for this season, but we’ll be right back to square one come next summer when he has only a year left to go again.

Brendan Rodgers must have been desperate to hold onto the midfielder to OK such a short deal.

What it basically means is – Stuart is happy to give us another season but doesn’t see himself here long-term. Given the manager is building the nucleus of a team it’s a bit troublesome that we have a player who seems to be so obviously looking past the club.

Maybe Rodgers will use this extra year to phase Armstrong out the team, using him strategically when he needs to. He is of course by no means guaranteed a start with the midfielder pool we have, but he will still be vital in the interim.

It’s a bitter sweet moment, I had hoped we’d see him sign a new deal and don’t get me wrong I’m glad he’s staying, it’s just disappointing we can’t plan for the future with any sort of certainty with regards to Stuart



  1. Use Armstrong for now to allow players like Rogic and Brown a rest while players like Benyu and Kouassi get game time and grow into the team. Ntcham will be a better player than Armstrong in my opinion so no big loss when Armstrong leaves.McGregor has also improved and can play anywhere in midfield. This deal benefits us while Armstrong will still get to achieve his ambition of paying the English Premierhype.
    Got a feeling he’ll be chasing shadows at West Brom type club whole watching his old team mates play in the Bernabeu in the Champions League. Maybe he can watch on TV with Hooper and Ledley.

  2. It’s just the way of the football world I’m afraid.Let’s just enjoy the here@now.Leave the depression stuff to.that irritating Patrick Bonnar.Our Pedro has gone off on one again about Neil Lennon.?…I think it’s time someone phoned and made an appointment with the relevant medical people.?

  3. Yeah , stop looking at the negatives, we have him two more seasons for certain , who can say with any certainty that anyone else will be with us beyond that ? He’s a good player , committed to the hoops so let’s enjoy it and look to reap the benefits straight away , HH

  4. Rodgers is making a mistake here. He should have been punted in June. I suppose Celtic can get a better transfer fee for him than the derisory 3 million he was reported to be worth a week or so ago. Ideally I would like to see him sold for 6m+ in the next two weeks but that is unlikely. His heqrt is not in it, and that makes him the odd man out and a liability. The supporters will be on his case and this will further reduce his confidence and his value. His presence demeans the club and the manager. Badly handled by all.

    • Mate he’s taking a shorter wage to stay at Celtic?
      Why would his heart not be in it?
      If it wasn’t he would have left and gone to get more ££££

  5. Now wait a minute! We can’t talk like this when we all know that Moussa Dembele will only be here for another season, and that’s if he doesn’t go now!!! Simunovic is always being mentioned as leaving, Tierney could leave as could Ntcham. Rmstrong signing a years extension should be good news and welcomed. Who knows what the team will look like in two years time. Gtreat to have this little episode over with and HH Stuart Armstrong, first 11 every time!

  6. He’d b daft not to go EPL or elsewhere paying 60gs a week at some stage in his career.
    I guess he’ll be taking 30k max with Celtic, that’s 30k less that what Bournemouth or whoever would pay a week.
    30 x 2 years is 3 million difference in wages over the two years.
    It’s a job & signing for 2 years means he can still go and rack it in at the age of 28 elsewhere.
    Top guy for taking a shorter wage in my opinion – would u work for less?

  7. Aye , supporters like you will be on his back , Get grip man , he’s staying with us , more give him the same support that everyone else will get. Stop looking to punt someone who you want to make a target for boo boys

  8. I feel that it is damn contemptuous and insulting towards the club and Brendan. I agree totally that we will find ourselves in a years time in the same saga we’ve just ended. If any English are serious about Armstrong, then let them table a bid that is acceptable this summer, then punt him. In my opinion, Brendan needs players that are focused on achieving with Celtic and believe in the dream that Brendan is building. Players such as Tierney, Brown, Lustig, McGregor, Forrest, Sinclair, Rogic and Griffiths are to me very happy and loyal players. Whether the forementioned players are liked or not, they are focused on Celtic and that makes them valuable to our cause. Armstrong is a spanner in the works that could unsettle others. Get rid of him if the price is right. Armstrong employs his agent, the agent follows his bosses orders.

    • One of the players you mentioned, Forrest, was determined not to sign a new contract not so long ago. Armstrong is more valuable to the team than he is. A footballers life is short lived and the club will drop you like a stone if it suits them as many have found out recently. We have a good player on our books for at least another season and, in football, the present is more important than the future. We have a collection of players on the injury list. Who knows what’s round the corner. Armstrong will give his all and that will benefit the club in the interim period. Delighted he has signed because he is a quality player.

  9. Play him and punt him at Christmas ,as he wants a move and get some cash for him.Let him go play for Stoke or west brom ,he is wanting a to go for cheap so he can get massive wages ,but if he had sign a 4 year deal and a team wanted him he would get massiy wages anyways ,if we sold him for 10 million (next Gary Hopper)

  10. Would he have signed if Celtic never got to CL or should I say never won5/0 I don’t think so but if he gets the chance to play in CL and performs he will move on next season so it could be a win win for both sides .do we need him no do we have better players yes u can’t go on holding clubs to ransom just because the money is a lot better let’s be honest WBA no chance off European football middle off table team come on Charlie it’s all about the££££ nothing else should off let him go

  11. The guy has signed a new contract, I for one am delighted, Stuart will give his all for Celtic in every game he plays, I don’t get the negative comments on here about this situation, Brendan speaks highly of the guy and wants him to stay, And he is!

  12. Great how many “terraceing Tams” know better than Brendan!! Wish we had had them years ago!
    He knows what he is doing and any thing will be for the good of CELTIC

  13. If Celtic want to sell him next year or the player wants to leave so be it, I just think the boy is a good player who has goals in him and is an asset to the club, We may have a similar scenario next summer let’s cross that bridge if/when it happens.HH Andy.

  14. Armstrong was an average player when we got him.. He’s had 6 good months and is holding our feet to the fire.. can’t believe he’s actually done this… he owes us. Will be an asset for sure this coming season.. But for god sake show some gratitude…

  15. All this for a 12 month extension, not good enough Stuart, I hope you get punted in this transfer window.
    PS. Welcome back Paddy.
    Would City do a swap and leave Stuart in their reserves


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