Since Brendan Rodgers publicly asked for Stuart Armstrong’s representatives to come back to the table, there has been very little news on that front.

Many who thought midfielders contract would be done and dusted shortly after the Scottish Cup Final have been left perplexed as to why the deal has yet to be done.

The Celtic manager has given us his insights into negotiations and is adamant he thinks Stuart’s number one preference, in a footballing sense, would be to stay at Celtic Park.

Although, it seems his representatives have pound signs painted in their eyes when the whispers from down south started.

While Celtic’s offer to the midfielder puts him up a higher echelon of the Celtic Park pay scale, it pales in comparison to the money the player will be offered down south.

With no agreement in place and just over three weeks of the transfer window to go, don’t be surprised to see Celtic cash in on the player – if the opportunity presents itself.

The worst case scenario for the club is for Stuart to sign a pre-contract with another club in January.



  1. Let him go, he’s trying to hold the club to ransom. Reminds me of the John Collins saga. He was a nobody until he came to Celtic and even then not much until BR came. So Stuart sign or go we won’t miss you, there are plenty of midfield players and better ones than you.

  2. Sell him will be easily replaced no great loss take the money. Let him fight relegation in english premiership as no top clubs going to come in for him and way moneys being thrown around down there we will get 10 million at least

  3. 19 year old who played against sunderland for us we signed last year looks more impressive anyways koussi or something like that hes called guy with similar haircut to sinclair

  4. Armstrong has only given Celtic 8 months and it was Brendan Rogers who has made him the player that he now is. If Armstrong does not sign by the 20th August Celtic should get rid of him before he signs a pre-contract in January. It is now up to Armstrong. Hail Hail

  5. It’s becoming a bit of a sideshow. If he wants to stay, fine. But if his head is for the greener grass then just go and we will wish him well.

  6. Celtic are doing the correct thing…..they are keeping all of the information INSIDE the club and letting the gutter press run whatever story they want to peddle.
    Obviously Armstrong is looking at every option……..
    It’s easy for (us) to advise and pass comment on what Armstrong should do….at the end of the day….MONEY TALKS!!!

    As a footnote…..I’d like to think Brendan has said to Armstrong……” Take a look at Gary Hooper / Liam Miller……they are VERY wealthy players……with NO notable career highlights other than checking their bank balance every day…….
    If he remains at Celtic Armstrong will be a wealthy man with (hopefully) a biscuit tin full of winners medals and memories….

    All we can ask for is…if he is moving on….he does the decent thing and moves on during THIS WINDOW….that way Celtic will get some sort of fee for him ,if he waits until January and signs a pre-contract………Celtic get nothing……..
    It’ll be interesting to see if he is still a first team player should the window close and he hasn’t signed a new contract……

    • Liam miller moved to man utd 13 years ago, it’s not exactly relevant any more. Armstrong was only 12, I’m sure he doesn’t know who miller is.

  7. This is an average player who has had ONE good season and believes his agents rhetoric that he’s a rising stage who belongs on a bigger stage with an inflated pay package. I’m really disappointed in him as I thought he was a well balanced boy and grounded. Now I want him gone. Take a fee now. If he won’t resign then get rid of him. Twat was on pennies before he came to us. I hear he is on £12000 a week. He has won 5 trophies, played in CL, Scottish caps gained.

  8. The guys came on leaps from last year under ronny. Be sad if his agents force him out the door as Brendon said lot to learn do it here. Just look at broonie. And on the other hand just look at Liam miller Hail hail

  9. The problem is that injuries are leaving us short of cover at the moment. Not good. We’ve been short of forward power just recently with Moussa out of action.

  10. As I say nobody Bigger than our club sell him now & get good money for him as after all celtic made him; QI s this Celtic using the biscuit tin again kidding us on about all these new signings who after all are not here .Hope they don’t get kicked out of Europe & then the shit start all over again wee have History in this carry on every time wee doo well penny pinching starts all over again, wee should be miles in front and getting further away, but instead wee are falling backwards is this is what Celtic want so sevco cheats shocking get closer Ifor one never want see them ever again Celtic get out of Scottish football hh ktf

  11. Armstrong is the player he is because of the BH input…if he wants in ..let him.go to.some. 2nd rate will probably never win much with ..wish my well.and order home a Taxi…Celtic are have the passion and extend. Celtic success but celtic business doesnt ever spend what it.doesnt need to…Neil lennon didnt accept that and..Ronny Delia was the cleverest replacement all went wrong.he took the fall for the cheap manager option….there is only ever reaction when the moneys required to keep us just ahead of the rest…How long will BH accept that! For ???…I predict not the full term.of.his.contract…BH is a clever guy with the right mind tools to get the best from players as a business they will.just cash in what he does best…

  12. Blessing in disguise really, Simple arithmetic Armstrong + Virgil = Roberts!!! No brainier. Hence the reason we won’t have wee Paddy before the Astana game. Worse case scenario 8m for Armstrong and 5m recoup from Virgil. 13m wee Paddy fee sorted. See off Astana = 25m from the CL group stages with of course Patrick Roberts in the ranks! Oh and Paradise bursting at the seams!

  13. The best this board like the ones before are good at is filling their own pockets and pulling the wool over us supporters eyes they know we will still support the tic

  14. paddy deal aint happening till CL is sorted an will only be a loan deal again talking about transfers we have spent £8 mil on EBOUE £3.5MIL and NTCHEM £4.5mil but defo need 2 bring a forward and cb

  15. Spot on sell Armstrong get the money from Southampton bank it as it doesn’t look as if Celtic will spend any of it …Astana Will beat Celtic if they don’t get a decent Centre Half….we are going on about boyata being injured well if you think he’s the answer im missing something…. we need a dominant Centre back now not if we qualify for the champions league NOW!!! and keep Armstrong as he’s been the best midfielder Celtic have had since Petrov left get the money from punting James Forrest if we can get anything for him… bring paddy back and we will do all right in the champions League

  16. If Armstrong wants to leave let him go. We need a centre back and have done for awhile. He looks as if he doesnt want to be here and its a simple question of sign or go. 8 -10 million? ka-jing ka-jing! No brainer.

  17. better players than armstrong have left celtic in the past we wont miss him too quick to forget he was a nobody until celtic gave him a platform

  18. I understand the dilemma Armstrong is under its not always down to the player, contracts are not all about money some are related to conditions agreed by both sides, Armstrong is studying law so this needs time as does his Scotland selection, yes looking from the outside as a Celtic supporter you do get upset at the long protracted negotiations as it can and has before upset the continuity of the squad and this does show up in some games when the players lose concentration and focus as Armstrong is left on the bench and brought on as a sub which in all honesty I completely support. Let’s refrain from comment and let Brendan and the Board deal with it so there are no distractions to upset the team as a whole.

  19. I like Armstrong and would prefer if he stayed. I understand his dilemma however- he probably wasn’t a Celtic fan growing up so, emotionally, it would be a little easier for him to leave than it might be for some other guys.

    Also, a footballer’s career is short, he probably has 7 excellent and 5 good years left in him at age 25, he has already won everything in Scotland with Celtic. The only challenge left here for him is the Champions League.

    I feel he is possibly hinging his bets until our Champions League status is decided. If we make it, I think he will sign a new deal, get another year’s CL experience under his belt, and move on next summer for a new challenge, and who could really blame him?


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