TOM BOYD has thrown down the gauntlet to Stuart Armstrong after it was revealed the club could look to sell the midfielder with contract talks at a standstill.

The player only signed a one-year extension last term and will find himself being able to sign a pre-contract in January.

However, Boyd believes the attacking midfielder is happy at Celtic and wants to see him join Tom Rogic and commit to Celtic for the long term.

The former Celtic captain has thrown down the gauntlet to Stuart; do you want to win or are you in this for the money?

“I think he’s a happy man at Celtic. He’ll win things at the club.” Boyd explained

What do you want to be as a player? Do you want to be a winner? Or do you want just to earn good money?”

Tom is regular on Celtic TV and will be close enough with the first team players to have a little insight into what they’re thinking.

For Tom, it’s easy because he is Celtic through and through and while it’s hard to comprehend, not everyone wants to win trophies over money – especially if you’ve bagged six in the last two seasons!


  1. To be motivated by the money ,then surely you must not have much,as such Mr Armstrong is a very wealthy person considering the wages that he is already on… to my mind , it isn’t just purely motivated by money but sheer greed if this is the case………..anyway if he’s looking for a kings ransom then sell him as he ain’t a patch on tommy rogic in midfield….just my opinion of course……..Hail Hail

  2. Hear Hear get rid, he’s not going tae hold the club tae ransom, and that also goes for his prospects as a brief, let see if he practises law away from Scotland after his career in fitba is over. We’ve plenty of talent in midfield at the club so he wont be a loss. HH


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