CHARLIE NICHOLAS more often than not sensationalises his opinions on Celtic to make sure he gets column space and some attention.

However, this time, he has been more measured in his criticism of the club.

Speaking about the manager debacle, Nicholas can’t believe the state Celtic have got themselves in from a position or power.

Going from Brendan Rodgers invincibles to scrambling for a manager weeks before pre-season is set to begin.

Nicholas blames the current setup for the club’s current woes and believes Dominic McKay has a hell of a job on his hands.

“There’s nothing wrong with having a plan B – but this is not plan B. This is desperation.” Nicholas wrote in his Express Column as quoted by SunSport.

“I will give Postecoglou a chance because I am a supporter, but is the former Australia boss really the height of the club’s ambitions?

“It has nothing to do with his lack of knowledge of the Scottish game or me
looking down on football in the southern hemisphere.

“If this is the man Celtic are bringing in then their fans simply have to accept it. This is where the club is at.

“It is mind-blowing how far behind the eight ball Celtic seem to be.

“I have said in this column on more than one occasion that they should have approached Xavi or Xabi Alonso.

“They would have been better, more productive candidates than Eddie Howe.

“It scares me just how unambitious the club has become, going from a position of strength to where they find themselves now.

“Luring Postecoglou from Yokohama F Marinos is not quite the same as when Arsene Wenger left Japanese football to join Arsenal in 1996.

“The Parkhead hierarchy have left the club in this situation. I don’t blame
new chief executive Dominic McKay.

“It’s his predecessor Peter Lawwell and Dermot Desmond who have made such a pig’s ear of things in such a short space of time.

“The question is how did they manage to let things slide? Arrogance? Laziness? Complacency? All of the above?

“With the exception of Brendan Rodgers, their managerial appointments have been made in haste.

“That trait has also been evident in their January transfer market dealings in past seasons when they found themselves under pressure in the league, prompting the signings of Craig Bellamy, Roy Keane, Robbie Keane, Ian Wright, Carlton Cole and Colin Kazim-Richards among others.

“It was desperation stuff and it is where we find the club again. It all stems from the fact that Celtic have never got the football structure correct.

“The board were too busy patting themselves on the back over their healthy balance sheets.

“That air of superiority lacked humility and class and was at odds with the club’s soul.

“The lack of football knowledge among those holding the purse strings has now come back to bite them.

“It is so alarming that Celtic have fallen to this level.

“I am going to be meeting my old friend Packie Bonner in the coming weeks.

“I heard him say on the radio that Celtic should give John Kennedy the job, with Gordon Strachan coming back in some capacity too.

“That is everything I DON’T want.

“The last thing we need is ‘yes’ men if Celtic want to get themselves back to a position of power again.

“But right now there doesn’t seem to be a plan to go anywhere.”

Nicholas gets it right when he talks about the overreach from the men in suits at Celtic Park who too often dictated what happened on the park.

We need a leader and we need an overhaul in the boardroom. 

There are too many in there who have been sitting in their positions for far too long at this point.

Peter Lawwell leaving is one thing, but the likes of Ian Bankier should be stepping aside for a new chairman, someone with the hunger and desire to help Celtic modernise.

Dominic McKay has a hell of a job on his hands next season and beyond. We need an overhaul from top to bottom

Complacency has absolutely killed us and that starts at the top.




  1. Nicholas should know all about laziness, he was one of the laziest players ever to pull on the famous hoops.
    Given his speech patterns it’s hard to believe he actually wrote the piece. He was just sitting there thinking and the words magically appeared on the paper in front of him, no doubt.


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