FORMER CELTIC STRIKER John Guidetti looks to be heading for the Celta Vigo exit after he revealed he’s not happy at the club.

The player who spent a season on-loan at Celtic, scoring 15 goals in the process has slipped down the pecking order at the Spanish Club.

John has not started a single league match this season and has admitted something has to give.

“It is clear that the situation now in my club is not good, I’m not happy with it, it’s something that has to be solved,”

“We’ll see what happens, but my situation now at Celta is not sustainable. Obviously, I want to play football and I think I deserve to play more.”

While many fans appreciated Guidetti’s time at the club, he left on a sour note after revealing he would not want to sign for Celtic on a permanent basis because it wasn’t glamorous enough for him.

Speaking at the time John said he owed Celtic nothing.

“I said, ‘Listen, I don’t think I owe you (Ronny Deila) anything’. Celtic’s a massive club but I like the big games.

“I don’t like — with all respect — Ross County away.

“When we won the league, we didn’t even celebrate, just walked round the pitch.

I’m sure some Celtic fans would have him back but the player who has had more clubs than hot dinner’s looks like he might be on the move again.


  1. You must be joking u get one chance with Celtic and he blew it thought he was to good for us l like to believe most supporters seen through him I’m 67 and i could run faster than him good riddance to bad rubbish

  2. Guys a living legend,In his own head.You get One Chance with Celtic.We dont need a player of his ilk.We have great Strikers at the moment.Would be a total waste of Good money

  3. I live in Sweden and he’s always been an arrogant arse ! Thinks he’s better than he is. This mainly because of his attitude a problem player. Better off without players like him always looking for something better and no loyalty.

  4. This guy was a clown saw through him straight off!Imagine this waster kept wee Griff out our team something I never for gave Delia for and always remember wee James you telling him to get lost as he wanted to take the penalty against United in the final of 2015 the weekend man knew he was a clown James missed but he had scored the vital goal earlier.This clown what had seen his type many times tho the others were great players this guy no.more than average in would never go the extra yard in he was half the player he thought everyone was he maybe be decent he one the “pampered prodigy types”total waster

  5. The guy started well but faded badly as opposition defenders figured him out. He’s nowhere near an intelligent enough player to adapt his game. I give it three years and he’ll wind up at Hearts, score 8 in 10 games at the start of the season, claim to be a reformed character then fade badly before ending his playing days in Qatar, India or Iran.

  6. Keep Guidetti away. He’s not Celtic minded and the fact he’s even said such a thing seems doubtful to me that he’d even try his best in away games at Ross County or Hamilton, IF we ever needed it. There’s FAR better strikers out there, and with a better attitude I’d bet. It’s not a big leap to see WHY he’s been frozen out at Celts Vigo, especially when he’s running his mouth off at teams.

  7. Charles Kelly – I’m 69 and I know I can definitely run faster than him.
    In a race between the 3 of us, it would really be between you and me and I wouldn’t mind which order we two came in. In a long race, we would lap him.
    No thanks – we do not want to see Guidetti again. A total waste of space and a person with an unsettling attitude and a very bad influence on others. Celta Vigo have sussed him out.

  8. why would we have this dud back we have a settled squad of players giving everything for the club this Dud only plays for himself NO THANKS keep him as far away from us as possible


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