ARSENAL are hot on the heels of Kieran Tierney and they are going to try everything to both turn the player’s head and force Celtic’s hand to make a decision.

Kieran will be advised by his family and friends who are all massive Celtic fans but it is a short career and a certain amount of selfishness must come in at some point for any individual.

The news Arsenal wants to take the defender from Glasgow to London is no surprise. We have been watching this lad develop and mature over the past five years into an outstanding talent. There would be something wrong if he wasn’t attracting the attention of some heavy financial hitters.

According to SunSport, the Gunners have leaked information that they want to hand Kieran a £20million contract for over the next four or five years. Life changing money for anyone but many will point out that his talent could land him more in the future.

Celtic have no public stance on the situation at the moment.


  1. Has KT himself said anything? And yes you cant blame him. But as I am a Celtic fan who wants Celtic to be the best team in the world I am saddened by the notion of every top.player we get leaving. The only solutio , out of our hands of course is that our club goes on to play in a bigger wealthier league, one where we can offer them the sort of money others currently can offer.


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