ARTUR BORUC looks like he wants to pick up where he left off when it comes to winding up a club emanating from Ibrox.

The holy goalie who now plays for Bournemouth started his career against the side Steven Gerrard’s team face for a place in the group stages of the completion and it looks like he is heading for Ibrox!

Boruc told the official Legia Warsaw site that he hopes to be in attendance at the game a week on Thursday and rallied the Legia supporters to get behind their club over the two legs.

“I would like to invite you for the away game against Glasgow Rangers” Boruc told the Legia site.

“Hopefully I will be there with you. Keep your fingers crossed. All of Legia…always together.”

Artur enjoyed winding up so many at Ibrox over the years but it would be something he did as a pre-match ritual which would get the hordes back up and ultimately expose many in their support for their intolerance towards Catholics.

Boruc blessed himself before every game at the goal but when he did it at Ibrox he nearly caused a riot with Gers fans wanting the goalkeeper arrested for expressing his faith on a football field. The former Celtic goalkeeper then was told by the Police NOT to bless himself for fear of inciting a riot.

I’m sure they’ll give him a warm welcome if he makes the trip to Ibrox.



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